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Elite Automotive Customer Experience

Our customers mean the world and more to us. We take as many steps as possible to ensure our customers leave happy and with a fair price, priding ourselves on everything we have to offer our customers! When it comes to jumping through hoops for our customers we may as well try out for the Olympics! 

Elite Automotive

Appointment Drop off.

We allow our customers to leave their car at any time to leave their vehicle with us, as well as a secure drop box so their keys stay safe with us. The property is also surveilled to ensure vehicle safety. That way our hours do not affect the customer's schedule when it comes to bringing us their vehicle! 


Multiple "quick lifts" 

Within our shop we have multiple lifts that accommodate to lowered, or untraditional vehicles that simply so not fit on the standard lift. As enthusiast ourselves we understand how important it is to use have the right equipment for the situation!


Customer Lounge

Our customers can relax in our snack filled lounge while waiting on their vehicle. We also provide coffee and other refreshments in the entry office!


15 Bay Floor

The shop itself is much larger than the majority of surrounding shops, meaning we have more room for you! More cars in, means more cars out!

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