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Updated: Apr 15

We love our BMWs. However, our bias does not restrict us from warning you about this common issue found in select BMWs. The B46 motor contains a pitfall due to their plastic oil filter housing (OFH). The original, plastic OFH wears over time, often causing a breakage that affects the gaskets. For example, on this vehicle the housing broke inwards causing the gasket to fold along with it.

Your vehicle may show symptoms such as a coolant leak on the side motor, and the trace smell of a coolant/oil mixture.

This problem can be resolved/prevented by replacing it with an aluminum housing, allowing for much more wear over time without affecting the OFH itself nor the gaskets.

So if your vehicle happens to have this same motor, it just may have the same issue as many believe they appear between 55k - 70k miles!

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