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Jaguar cooling issues???

Does your Jaguar have cooling issues?! Well you are far from alone, as it is a common issue on the Supercharged 3.0L engine as well as others. Talking specifically about the 3.0 however, they have serious trouble keeping their cool! This is due to the water pump and crossover pipes' design flaws found under the supercharger. Here at Elite we perform a "full monty," meaning we use Jaguar's newly upgraded parts to replace all of these PLASTIC crossover pipes and hoses, as well as the thermostat assembly with a new water pump. This is the only way to ensure that a few hundred miles down the road, you will not be leaking coolant from the next weak link in the system, forcing you to have it torn all the way back down again to replace a component in the same relative area! So if you have a vehicle equipped with this motor, check below your supercharger, as well as upon and under your water pump to see if this may in your vehicle's future!

Tips like these may only help 1 person, but that's 1 person who didn't have to pay for the same labor twice! Stay tuned for more "Tales from a Tech" like this one, where we can show you some of the common issues our technicians see day in and day out. Who knows, maybe your car will be the next topic!

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