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Elite Automotive About

Elite Automotive 

Welcome to Elite, we can't wait to assist you! At Elite our principles always involve efficiency, integrity, and of course our relationship with our customers! 

We see ourselves more as a family, than a company here to fix your vehicle and get you out the door. There's nothing we will not consider in order for customer satisfaction and safety.

About Elite Automotive

We are a one-stop-shop, and by offering every service needed for a vehicle's owner is how we set ourselves apart. We specialize in European and high-end vehicles, giving us an edge over surrounding shops. 


We offer:

-Towing Services

-Rental Options

-Detailing Services

-Automotive Repair 

-Auto-body repair 

-Automotive Sales 


At the end of the day, between the quality and variety of services, every customer that comes can find assistance with us. 


(931) 657-9170



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